USS Verona

USS Verona (DDG-145) was a United States Navy Arleigh Burke-class destroyer; it was a 6 billion dollar vessel with advanced weaponry and a state-of-the-art surveillance system. The ship became stranded in Kunami waters, causing an international incident. The ship was destroyed to keep it from being taken by the Kunami government.


While Verona was en route to Bahrain for joint military exercises with the Combined Maritime Forces, it secretly entered Kunami waters to monitor if the nation was complying with the United States' sanctions. A storm broke out, which disabled the ship's radar and navigation systems, and caused it to drift further into Kunami waters. The Kunami government secretly arranged for a sanitation barge to crash into Verona and disable her. The crash caused 16 fatalities, including the captain and senior officers, and dozens of others where injured. As a result, President Tom Kirkman promoted Lieutenant Will Griffin to captain. The ship's engines were destroyed and there was a breach in the hull, causing Verona to start taking on water, submerging several sections, including the Combat Information Center.

President Kirkman made a deal with the Kunami government to trade Verona for the surviving crew and the bodies of the dead, planning to act only after the crew was safe. Captain Griffin elected to stay behind to activate the ship's scuttle sequence, to prevent the ship's technology and Voyage Data Recorder from falling into enemy hands.


  • Verona had double-spaced steel armor, Kevlar spall liners, and displaced 8,300 tons.