Tim Beck is a CIA Operative who occasionally meets with FBI Agent Hannah Wells to give her information, notably the file on Nestor Lozano and the report that claimed MacLeish's unit killed civilians.


At first, Tim told Hannah to stay away from the conspiracy after telling a bit of information about Catalan, but reluctantly decided to help her, if possible.

After being requested to look into the mission on November 14, 2005, Tim gave a report that contradicted the stories MacLeish and his unit had been telling the public. From that point, they both came to the conclusion that MacLeish was not a war hero, he was a war criminal.

He and Hannah met again to discuss on the topic of Browning Reed CEO Patrick Lloyd. Beck described him as a "scary dude" and told that Lloyd had put a lot of money into Browning Reed, but after he felt his government was betraying him, he dissolved the company.