East Hun Chiu is an East Asian nation.


It is located on the Hun Chiu Peninsula near the South China Sea and borders West Hun Chiu to the west.

There is a DMZ along the border, as well as 500,000 active military personal, with an additional 1,000,000 reserve soldiers.


Unlike its neighbor, East Hun Chiu is a totalitarian dictatorship, ruled by Chairman Kyung Kim. The country is very impoverished, with half the population starving and without healthcare.

East Hun Chiu also is confirmed to have developed nuclear weapons and stationed them just miles from the DMZ.

Additional Information

Several notable cities in the country include:

  • Songmia
  • Yudeo
  • Man'kya
  • Dinmae


  • In East Hun Chinese, “kin-wo-sa” is one of 200 words meaning potato.
  • Hun Chiu is based off real life Korea, with East Hun Chiu representing North Korea.


Hun Chiu Peninsula

A map of the Hun Chiu Peninsula, showing East Hun Chiu to the right.