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Commander-in-chief is not just a title. It's a responsibility.

~ Moss talking to President Kirkman

Cornelius Moss is a former President of the United States of America, who was selected by current President Tom Kirkman to be the Secretary of State. Unbeknownst to Kirkman, Moss was the individual responsible for leaking classified information to the public, including Alex Kirkman's subpoena and a video capturing Kirkman's confrontation with the truck driver who killed Alex.


President Moss served one full term as President of the United States. Moss chose not to run for reelection after his wife died. He planned for the NATO summit of arms control to be a priority for the second term of his presidency.

At some time during his presidency, he had an affair with Charlotte Thorn, but the two broke up.

Once his presidency was finished, he retired from public life.

After the Capitol Bombing, which killed his successor, President Richmond, he felt he needed to get back into politics. He gave President Kirkman a list of candidates to fill the empty Cabinet positions. President Kirkman then decided to choose Moss to be his Secretary of State to help him with the new administration.

However, Moss turned out to be working behind President Kirkman's back. During his time as Secretary of State, he leaked classified information to the press, including Alex Kirkman's subpoena, a video showing President Kirkman confronting the former's killer and more recently, evidence of East Hun Chiu's missile silos. After Chuck Russink rooted him out as the leak, he was confronted by President Kirkman, who threatened to turn him over to the Justice Department, and in turn Moss retorted that if Kirkman planned to hit him, Moss would strike just as hard.


  • Tom Kirkman volunteered for President Moss' first campaign for President.
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