Camp David is a heavily secure military compound that serves as a retreat for the President of the United States. Camp David serves as an important facility in maintaining continuity of government and is able to serve as an auxiliary White House.


After the Attempted assassination of Tom Kirkman and the Assassination of Peter MacLeish, Alex Kirkman became concerned that the conspirators would launch another attack that would put her family in danger. Not feeling safe Alex talked to Mike Ritter about temporarily moving her kids to Camp David and she contacted her mother to ask if she would also move to Camp David to help with the kids. Eventually, Tom Kirkman agrees with his wife's plan and sends his children Leo Kirkman and Penny Kirkman off to Camp David by helicopter shortly before he addresses the nation about the death of Peter McLeish.

Shortly after arriving at Camp David Penny begins to learn how to horseback rides and decides that she is going to ask her father for a pony for her birthday.

After President Kirkman’s address to a joint session of Congress, his family officially returned from Camp David to the White House.

President Kirkman Later used Camp David as a site to hold a summit between East Hun Chiu and West Hun Chiu With the hopes of stabilizing the region and preventing a war between the two nations.