Aaron Shore is the National Security Advisor to the President of the United States. He was the former White House Deputy Chief-of-Staff in the President Richmond administration and was White House Chief of Staff under President Tom Kirkman. After he resigned as Chief of Staff, he got a new job as the Chief Strategist for the Speaker of the House of Representatives. But after the Speaker accepted President Kirman's offer to be the nominee for Secretary of Education, Aaron left his position with the Speaker. After helping President Tom Kirkman find the traitor, Tom insisted that he came back to the White House and said that he would make a job if he needed to. In , it's revealed he's now the National Security Advisor.


Aaron is first seen Tom Kirkman arrives at the White House on the night of the Capitol Bombing. He escorts newly sworn in President Kirkman to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center under the White House. He settled down the commotion, only for it to ignite again after Harris Cochrane tried to make an unauthorized call.


  • Aaron is bilingual in English and Spanish.
  • He holds dual nationality of both the USA and Mexico.

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